(Ms.Haleema) Ms.Haleema Daughter of Mr. Jameel belongs to UC

Shahi Bagh Mohallah Din Bahar. She is 25 years old. She is doing Masters in Pakistan Studies. She is a girl always having a smile on her face.

They are four sibling’s i.e. two sisters and two brothers. Her father is Police Inspector.

Haleema is soft spoken talented girl. She shared that before getting the training course in Tailoring Trade organized by Women Empowerment Organization

under the support of USAID Small Grants Ambassadors Fund, she was only busy in her studies but all the time she was in a depression. Because she is going to

be married very soon and his father income is not that much which can be saved to complete her dowry.

On contacting by Women Empowerment Organization she was very happy and willing to attend the 2 months tailoring course. She said when I heard about the training then I decided that it is the only solution which will remove our depression.

She learnt different dress designs within two months which was very difficult to learn within the short span of time. Her Trainer was also very satisfied with her

class performance and she is able to stitch her own cloths for her dowry as well.

Haleema said, I will never forget the efforts made by WEO and SGAFP for helping me in learning a skill which was completely new for me and give me an opportunity to come out from the life of depression and move towards the new life of happiness”

Haleema is now spending a happy life and she is stitching her own cloths for her marriage.





Success Story (Arzu Khan)


At home, they feel dejected and at schools these kids get bullied and are mocked at for their gender and sexuality. This continues as they grow up and struggle to get a job where again they are discriminated against. But there have been certain people who have managed to break the prejudice and stereotypes people have towards transgender. They have managed to come out of the shackles of the slumber and made it to their dreams. Arzu Khan is an example of a woman (not naturally born as one) who made it to her dreams despite all the hindrances and inhibitions on her way.


Aman Ullah (Arzu Khan) a 32 years transgender is basically from Upper Dir but her permanent residence is in Peshawar. He has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. All of them are married. Her Father is retired administrative employee of Pak Railways. Now he is Imam in Mosque at Takht Bhai Mardan.


He is the youngest among all her siblings. Arzu was born and brought up in Peshawar. She did her Metric from Peshawar as well.

She said that from her child hood, her family knows about her gender. She always insisted her mother that she wants to wear girl’s cloths/ shoes and on that her mother slapped her many times .Her father never accepted her from birth till date.

After matriculation she started searching for Job but all in vain, she was refused by many of the employers.

Arzu Khan left home when she was 16 after matriculation. She told her family that she found a job. She will do house hold chores in one of the bungalow in nearby area in Peshawar and she will not come to home as it is a day-night (full day duty).She started to live with the transgender community, who she now considers family. She performed in functions/parties on different occasions.


Arzu lives in a rented apartment that costs her 15 thousand every month. Hence, the major chunk of her income goes into paying her house rent while she is left with almost nothing.


When Contacted by Women Empowerment Organization, she appreciated the project and its activities and showed his willingness to participate in 2 months beautician course.

On 23rd April, 2018 when she met with Women Empowerment Organization project staff, she shared with them that she can do the basic makeover but not all the components and due to this 2 months course providing by WEO she will be able to polish her basic skills and learn some advance skills as well.


Arzu Khan said, “I like this training. It has taught us some advanced techniques in make- up and hair styling. I wish to set up a beauty salon in my own home in the near future for which this beautician certification would be very helpful”.

The financial independence would help the transgender community to gain a strong identity for themselves because of the virtue of a technical skill they can easily earn better livelihoods for themselves refraining them from any unwanted act.


Arzu Khan Said“I have started working in a salon in Peshawar. I greatly enjoy working in the salon because I have an innate desire to associate myself with beauty and feminism. There should be more vocational training opportunities so that the Transgenders could become professional beauticians or tailors which would also take them off the streets,”.


Women Empowerment Organization


Project Success Stories

Project Title: Provision of quality education in protective environment to affected girls

and boys in areas of return in North Waziristan Agency, FATA