Policies and Procedures

WEO has developed clear and comprehensive organizational policies and procedures for its HR, Financial and management systems. Documented policies and procedures provide guidance and structure to staff members. WEO has following key operational policies:


  1. Finance and Accounting Policies and Procedures
  2. Procurement Policies
  3. Human Resource Policies and Procedures
  4. Monitoring & Evaluation policy
  5. Programme development policy
  6. Complaints response mechanism
  7. Fraud control policy
  8. Internal Audit Policy
  9. Resource Conservation Policy.
  10. Social Mobilization Policy.
  11. IT Policy
  12. Conflict of Interest Policy
  13. Inventory Management policy
  14. Security Policy
  15. Risk Management policy
  16. Child Protection Policy
  17. Gender Policy
  18. Travel Policy
  19. Warehouse selection and acceptance of commodities